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At AJAX Junior Football Club, we are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all players, parents, and coaches. Our policies cover various aspects, from behavior and discipline to team dynamics and player development.

We prioritise equity, fair play, and respectful communication, ensuring a unified and supportive experience for everyone involved in the AJFC football community.



Behaviour and Discipline

Misbehaviour at training requires parents to attend training, continued misbehaviour results in coach imposed game day suspension (Quarter, Half or Full games). Poor or sportsmanship behaviour on gameday will result in receiving an internal suspension.

Parent Behaviour

The club reserves the right to suspend parents for repeated poor behaviour, as decided by the executive.

Racial Slurs

Ajax has a zero-tolerance policy for racial slurs. The player will be immediately taken from the ground not to return that day. Further suspension will follow upon investigation.

Equity in Issues

Issues addressed impartially. Player ability or roster position does not influence resolution. It does not matter if issue is with best player or worst player, it is treated the same.


Communication groups must include all team members.

Exclusive communication groups like leadership teams communicating with only coaches are not allowed.

A responsible parent as agreed by executive must be party to any communication channels with team.

Religious Observance

No training on Shabbat or Yom Tov.


Team Size

25 max for modified rules, 24 for U11-U14 teams, 26 max for U15 and above teams with two teams. For under 15 and above, if there is only one team a greater number of players can be accepted which will require players to be rostered off, exempting the top 10 players. However, this exemption ceases once each player outside the top 10 has been rostered off twice.

Captain Selections

Chosen by coaches. No player voting.

Captain Rotation

U8-U11 and U12 girls' team captains rotate weekly.

Team Division Split

The split of age group teams is communicated together in a single announcement. Reassessment of splits is undertaken annually.


Playing Time U8-U10

Minimum 3 quarters for U8-U10 games (with 6 or fewer on the bench), ensuring equal bench rotation and exposure to all zones. 

Position Exposure U11-U13

U11-U13 players should experience various positions over a season, with changes in starting benches and minimum playing time rules for matches and finals.

Best and Fairest Votes

Coaches award best and fairest votes. If a coach is a parent, checks by runner or team manager are required when voting for their child.

Rep Football Nominations

Year level coaches nominate for rep football, ratified by the football committee.

Unified Training

Whenever feasible, joint training for age groups at start of sessions to reinforce a unified mentality.


Coach Tenure

Coaches are allotted a maximum of 3 consecutive full years with a single team. This rule applies regardless of team composition changes due to grading. Exception: U8 teams are excluded from this rule.

Coaching Transition

Coaches from modified rules will NOT be promoted as coach to U12 and above Comet teams. If no appropriate coach is available an exemption from the Executive and Football Committee is required.

This rule does not apply to U12 girls’ teams.

Coaching Concerns

Head of Football serves as the main point of contact for coaching-related issues.


Grading for U8-U11

The football committee with guidance from coaches, fairly divides U8-U11 non-grading teams, ensuring mixing within the 3-year cycle.

Grading for U12 and above

U12 and older teams are graded, with Comets being the strongest. If three teams exist, one is designated as Comets, and the other two are of relatively equal ability.

Jets and Comets Division

Jets and Comets split decided by age group coaches and ratified by the football committee.

Grading - Steps to Follow

  1. After 4-5 training sessions teams are required to be split.

  2. All coaches for that age group are required to get together and finalise the teams.

  3. The Comets coach should come to the meeting with as close as possible to their best 24.

  4. Discussion and decision will be required for the last 5 players approx. Noting that when team announcements are made it will be advised to parents and players that in the first 4 weeks of grading there may be some movement between teams to see players ability. Ideally however once teams are announced it is final, these movements should be minimal.

  5. Makeup of 2nd and 3rd teams are required to be relatively even, then consideration should be given to school and friendship groups. A single player should not be isolated from their friendship group however all friends should not be together.

  6. Once teams are split it is to be given to head of football for the Football Committee to ratify.

  7. Communication of teams are then to be sent to whole age group (all parents) from all coaches with the team splits introducing coaches and any other pertinent details.

  8. If coaches are unable to come to a mutual agreement, that all are happy with, the Football Committee involvement will be required.


Fixture Changes

Games rescheduled when possible to accommodate opposition teams and prevent forfeits. The executive has the right to overrule the coaches decision if they are not satisfied with the reason why a game cannot be rescheduled.


Sharing of players between age groups

Non-modified fill in requests must be approved by the secretary who will take advice from the head of football. This is subject to SMJFL bylaws

Sharing & Fill In Players - Steps to Follow

  1. If you require a fill in and the team from which the player you are requesting is playing after you, then coach approval is required.

  2. If you require a fill in and the team from which the player  you are requesting is before you, speak to players coach to ascertain if any reason that player should not assist, speak to players parent to obtain approval, then ask player. Coaches should not stop a player in assisting another team without reasonable grounds. If grounds are unreasonable speak to someone on the executive.


Year-Level Play Up (season)

Written request needed for playing up based on school year. Approval will only be granted on a yearly basis. Preference will be given to those who have previously played in that age group over requests from those who have not previously played with that group. [requests should be treated in bands]

Year-Level Play Down (season)

Application to play down must be submitted in writing to the secretary.

Note: this is not determined by Ajax but by the SMJFL.

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